Pullin's Amusements - Endcliffe Park, Sheffield

Putting the fair in fairground for 10 generations! Open weekends and school holidays in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield.

Thank you for visiting Pullin's Amusements, please leave any comments below.

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it is great fun


First class place and friend of Sheffield, wonderful man , 100% behind you re- the article in the star ... bless your socks

grateful nan nan

I Love it down at the rides!!!


I love how jon always shouts "come on sliders" and he has bean doing since I was 5 and just yesterday jo allowed me to go on the bouncy slide even thogh I was to tall lol xx

lily 12

Absolutely awesome

Daisy 6


Poppy 9

I cam here yesterday and last year, and it's really fun, the staff are great!!!

Olivia, 12

Magical! Mr Pullins is lovely with all the children - a true gentleman!


Jerome's partner & mother of his 4 kids. Get yourself on facebook!! got great pics of the kids on the boats at Millhouses. Keep up the fab, imaginary world for Little Peeps!!!


The bouncy slide is fantastic. Mr. Pullin let me stay on as long as I wanted without having to pay extra. I spent a whole hour there. I'm looking forward to coming back in August.

Raphael Age 5, Munich

Though I'm not allowed in the bouncing castle or the slides or any of the rides anymore, it's a great time talking to the knowledgeable and characteristic Mr. Robert Pullin, with children's laughters in the background, makes a lovely Sunday afternoon!

Joya Lin

I hav ebeen going down to the park since my mum was pregnant with me, i always have loved the rides. (

George Pullin Age 16

Highlight of my daughters weekend the bouncing park she calls it she a bit hyper and doesn't understand the other parks polices of 5 slides and off.Jon and te ate very understanding as she hops from ride to ride in all the other parks They refuse to allow kids to be kids. I hope sheffield council bow to public opinion it after all we who pay there wages and it's us they are supposed to represent.

Phil Corker

Jon Pullin provides a community service to the whole of Sheffield and his rides are first class. I hope to bring my grandkids there to see old man Jon.

Jon Harrison

iv just seen todays front page (sheffield star) i am spittin feathers ere, i wish to show my support big jon, you have my number, i love your work and me and my kids are, on stand by, with our hearts, we wish you good luck,and success

mc nige

Jon Pullin's bouncy slide and castle have been the top amusement for my grandchild for 4 years and every time we go near Endcliffe Park she checks out if'Jon's there today'. It's such a fun and happy atmosphere. We all just love it there.

susan turner

I really like the flying things (chairs). I love the way that they twirl around.

Rosa Age 4

I used to visit Pullins when I was little. My daughter has been visiting for 4 years, since she could walk. Jon's enthusiasm for the kids is boundless. I don't know how he keeps it up! It's brilliant. He's a true showman, not like some of the other folk taht run similar outfits who can barely crack a smile.

Flora Jafarzade

I live in Doncaster but travel to Sheffield virtually every weekend to go to Endcliffe Park. My favourite thing is the bouncy slide which I think is great. I wish we had something like this in Doncaster ! We are allowed to bounce for alot longer than other places and John who looks after the amusements always makes the children laugh. The park wouldn't be the same without the amusements. It is such great fun!

Isobel McAleavy

Es macht viel Spass, weil man rutschen kann wie man will ohne sich weh zu tun. Die Rutsche ist deswegen auch fuer kleine kinder geigned ist. Ich finde die Rutsche toll.

levin earwaker 12 berlinh.(visiting sheffield)

I've been bringing my daughter to the amusements for about a year and she loves it. Everyone who works there are great with the kids. It will be a real shame if they have to leave.

Jo Brock

My favourite is the donkey on the roundabout.my uncle jon says it reminds him of me.

Dejan Pullin age 11

you can do tricks on the bouncy castel like front flips. you can go very fast down the slide

oliver stones - coupe age 12

I like slidey when it is fast and slippy. I dont like funny farmer man but i like spinny chairs

Conor Murphy(aged 4 1/2)

I love the elephant me!

Christy Stanley(aged 18)

i love the slide and the bouncy giraffe.i like bouncing but bouncing and sliding is the best!endcliffe park is my favourite park!.flying chairs are really fast and i love the roundabout!xxxxxxx.

luciana machado age 5

i love the bouncy gufaff and i think you are funny john i iwsh i could go on the merrygo round thank you see you soon,

jayden burling age 4

i liked to bounce like a bunny, thank you and you said i can go on the great big slide, was sad that i didnt go on the merrygo round, thank you bigjohn,ps she wants to tell ya she loves you woop woop, xxx

alicia burling age 5

I took my little girl to the amusements throughout her toddler stage and she loved it. She loved John as much as the slide and castle. He is a unique and wonderful character with a genuine love for kids and a desire to see them happy. He is unmaterialistic and as such should be celebrated and rewarded as a Sheffield asset. Thank you John!

Vonny Watts

I like the bouncy slide and girrafe.when I was small i always went on the girrafe and seeing john and he makes me laugh

frances watts

ja ja ja!Ich will!Das ist alles was sie meinte.xxx.

Lola Moritz-Barnes.3 years,berlin,germany.

they are big and bouncy and with the fast slides i love them.

harry"the hazard"van dorssen.sydney australia.aged 8

Sliding down the the slide makes the wind go in your face

Fay Chester (aged 5)

I liked bouncing it was like a trampoline

Sasha Chester (aged 2)

i love the bouncy slide. I like John he is funny, kind and nice. I will be upset if he goes.

Rory Shuttleworth (age 6)

THE BOUNCY SLIDE IS AWESOME!! :D The bouncy castle is fun too. Its all good! Jon is cool.

The Scalisi Brothers

I've been bringing my girls to the park for years now; John's rides and bouncy slide/castle have been a constant draw. They provide an instant attraction to the park and help bring people from miles around. Just imagine the park without Pullins amusements? People like his sort of amusements and they blend in with the rest of the park.John's friendly nature and empathy with the kids are a welcome bonus. Long may Pullins continue. Cheers John!

Will Day

It is great fun, I really like John. And everyone who works there because they know me!

Harry Roffey

John and his family are an integral part of the friendly experienceyou get at the park. My kis have grown up with the rides and love it. Long may it continue for future generations !!

John Shuttleworth